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AQUANOD follow a specific process of extraction (hand-harvested and grinding at low temperature) in order to preserve all the natural and bio-active elements of the brown algae such as:

- Polysaccharides : Fucoidans, Laminarins, Alginates…

- Antioxidants and Vitamins : phenols, polyphénols, Vit E….

- Trace-elements

Brown algae of AQUANOD is sourced from North-Atlantic Sea, which under severe conditions (high tide, sun exposure, cold temperature ...) allows seaweed to secrete its particular components. The synergic combination of these preserved components provide nutritional benefits to AQUANOD in order to protect fish and shrimp against pathologies or to reduce their negative effects:

- Anti-viral properties (sulfated polysaccharides)

- Anti-bacterial effects (carbohydrates: alginates, fucoidans and Laminarins)

- Immuno-modulator actions from folysaccharides and antioxidants.

In addition to its immuno-stimulant properties, AQUANOD has shown significant improvement on shrimp’s growth during the 1st month of feeding.