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Avidrat - Aquavial liquid nutritional supplement for poultryAVIDRAT brings electrolytes: sodium, potassium, chlorides and magnesium which quickly compensate the losses due to dehydration, restores the ionic balance, stabilizes the blood pH: essential for a good kidney function, eases the absorption of nutrients and water in the organism and helps to increase the water consumption.

AVIDRAT is also composed of Betaine and glycine, 2 elements which favour the absorption of water and electrolytes and help to stabilize the osmotic pressure in cells. AVIDRAT is particularly recommended during heat stress situation that can affect severely the production performance.

AVIDRAT can also be distributed in all stressful period: at starting period, at beak-trimming, before transportation or slaughtering, after treatment...

AVIDRAT contains citrate which stimulate the absorption of water and electrolytes and dextrose a source of quickly available energy to boost the recovery of the animal in period of stress.