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AVITOXIN is a blend of acids and yeast extracts for a full security of the digestive tract of poultry. The acid combination in AVITOXIN will lower the pH in the gastrointestinal tract, limiting the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Avitoxin - Aquavial liquid nutritional supplement for poultry

Yeast extracts contains in AVITOXIN will have a prebiotic effect on the digestive tract by stimulating positive intestinal flora, acting as fermentation substrate. The Betaglucans and MOS present in yeast extracts are involved in reducing contamination of feeds: they agglomerate mycotoxins and other harmful substances in the gut, because of their physical structures which provide better protection against gastrointestinal tract pathogens.

The combination of both acid and yeast extracts in AVITOXIN will prevent digestive problem, such diarrhoeas, ... By improving digestion of poultry, AVITOXIN will also allow better weight gain, better feed conversion rate, ...