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PEARLY-DRY is a litter conditioner which improve the bedding area of farm animals. PEARLY-DRY capture the humidity of the litter with a high absorbing power (2 litres absorbed per Kg) and reduce the release of ammonia in the environment.

PEARLY-DRY is enriched with encapsulated micro pearl of essential oils five times higher content than current product on the market, which release their active substance once in contact with humidity for an increase sanitizing effect.

PEARLY-DRY with its very fine particles and low dust properties is also recommended to dry new-born piglets at birth in order to warm them up faster for a better start in life.

PEARLY-DRY is manufactured in GMP factory, calcium carbonate and phosphate free, 100% respectful of the environment, and improves the animal welfare and the working conditions of farmers.