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Calcivial : Aquavial nutritional supplement for dairy cows

CALCIVIAL P supplies efficient form of calcium (formiate), energy (Propylene-glycol and glycerol), phosphorus and electrolytes rapidly available by the cow to prevent and reduce the risk of milk fever. CALCIVIAL P can also be recommended in case of acetonemia and ketosis recovery.

CALCIVIAL P can be given as an aid in the reduction of milk fever for cows before and after calving. CALCIVIAL P provides a high level of calcium, immediately available by the animal. At calving time, the needs for calcium increase quickly to both help the calving and to initiate the milk production. The calcium form brought by CALCIVIAL P ensures a quick absorption and availability of calcium for the cow.

CALCIVIAL P has a very good palatability, is pH buffered and is easily accepted and swallowed by cows.

CALCIVIAL P contains also magnesium and phosphorus for increased muscular tonicity and energy (270 g of propylene-glycol and glycerol per litre).