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With the continuous increased in protein price such soybean meal over the past years, URAVIAL brings a new solution to optimize the feed ration of dairy cows and other lactating ruminant.Uravial : Aquavial protected urea for dairy cows

URAVIAL allows to reduce the part of soybean meal in the ration, liberating additional room to fulfil the ingestion capacity of the cows with forage, maize ... for an increased potential of milk production.

URAVIAL is developed with a patented technology which encapsulate the urea with fat for a slow-release of the nitrogen in the rumen. Unlike urea, a quick source of nitrogen, URAVIAL release nitrogen slowly and in a balanced proportion with the supply of carbohydrates from the feed, for an optimum synthesis of microbial protein.

URAVIAL allows more flexibility for the choice of feed ration, and lower the cost of feed per litre of milk produced, but above all, bring a better digestibility and an improved rumen activity for your ruminants.