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Toxivial : Aquavial Toxin binder TOXIVIAL will secure the digestion of feed based on cereal, such maize, wheat ... which are often contaminated by mycotoxins.

TOXIVIAL combines the captation power of toxins from clay together with selected components which will help the organism to detoxify faster.

The clay added in TOXIVIAL will adsorb specifically the toxins through a unique crystalline structure.

TOXIVIAL contains also yeast extracts which will improve the mucuous membranes of the intestine, damaged by the mycotoxins.

The sorbitol TOXIVIAL in will increase the secretion of bile from the pancreas and will help to clean and evacuate the toxin accumulated in the organism.

Methionine and choline contained TOXIVIAL in will act on the hepatic function to detoxify the liver and optimize feed efficiency.